Our Clients Speak

"Jenn was able to break down our style from conversation and general observation so she could decode what we were wanting. Everything she does is aimed at increasing the value of your home. The way she can pull together a room with function and life in mind - especially where kids are involved – is amazing. My experience made me feel like I had won the lotto and moved into a brand new house. It was a great feeling to get that new life out of a house that we had lived in for 10 years. Instead of moving, we had a facelift!" Jodi Labelle

"Jenn is an artist and makes every project a perfect artistic reflection of her client's taste and desires. Her keen aesthetic sense not only respected our preferences but elevated them to a higher level. Her experience as a busy mother of three gives her an insight that was invaluable to our family. Decorating a home sounded like such an adventure to us when we first started our project. The number of options and decisions that are involved can make the design project overwhelming and burdensome to any homeowner. With Jenn's guidance and expertise, researching the options and focusing the suggestions on those that were most appropriate for our home and family lifestyle, the process was rather exhilarating. Jenn and her professional team did all the hard work while we sat back in awe and watched them transform a 'space' into a chic, elegantly furnished home within months of our initial contact. Talk about efficiency!!! Jenn is fabulous at knowing and accessing the finest resources—and her extensive relationships in the industry ensure that those resources are available for your project. Years of experience are evident in every suggestion and every detail—she knows what will work best and how to get it done and goes the extra mile to make sure all the details are thought through and superbly executed. From living rooms to bathrooms to the overall house design and décor, the outcome of our project was creative, very livable and elegant. Thank you Jenn for providing our family with a house that is beyond our wildest dreams. You continue to be an inspiration to us all!" Aviva Golger

"Things can happen throughout a project. How you deal with them ultimately determines the end result of the project. Jennifer has a way of handling situations without getting worked up. She looks for the positive in everything and a sensible solution. Jennifer knows what she wants and has a vision for the end result." Marcin Kajko

"As happy as I am that we are finally in our new home I am also sad that it is almost coming to an end. It has been one hell of a ride and Abel and I truly enjoyed working with you. I am so glad I convinced Abel to hire you. You can imagine how long that took. LOL!! In my wildest dreams I could never have imagined that our home would look like this!!! Your talent is indescribable and your ability to capture exactly what we're looking for is truly amazing. Throughout this whole project as designer and mediator at times (LOL) I truly felt you understood what we were looking for. We could never have done this without you.!! WE LOVE OUR HOME!!! Thank you so much for the chairs!!! They are beautiful!!! and yes I agree what a difference they made to that space. As far as the valances I agree we definitely need to order those so you can go ahead and price for us. You can also go ahead and order cushions in the stripes and floral fabric." Marlene Martins

"Jennifer is a wonderful designer to work with. I like her style - which is important when hiring a designer. From our first project meeting onwards - she considered my taste, my space and the final look is amazing. She works with a wonderful crew of people that follow through on the "vision" and are helpful down to the last detail. I loved the initial discovery - it was so much fun, dreaming, choosing colours and fabrics and seeing what Jennifer's ideas and suggestions were. With her full collection of fabrics, colours and ideas to pull from, the design phase with was a quick and FUN process! The quality of the products she showed me were wonderful. And she made sure I was investing in quality. She is always concerned with the longevity of the design and within the budget - helps with the finishing touches. Her eye for design is quite inspiring. She "sees" the design and once she understands your wants and needs - she proceeds to make it magically appear! Lets be honest. A renovation isn't easy. But it's a lot smoother when Jennifer and her team are there to guide you through it. Jennifer has great vision for your design. Once she knows how you are going to use a room and learns how you live in a space, she expertly goes about creating a look that is not only beautiful but functional. Now, it's a joy to cook in my kitchen and it's a joy to have people over because all I have to do is clean to make my home look spectacular" Barbara Rocha

"Many of us find it hard to visualize what the final product will look like, whether it is just one room being redecorated or many of them. After many months of picking out furniture, paint colors, draperies, lighting and swatches all with your guidance we arrive at the final style day, which is where it all comes together.

On the final style day Jennifer and her team of busy bees pulled it all together so that when my husband and I walked back into our home (I strongly recommend that you not be in the home on the final style day) it looked fabulous, right out of a magazine and with all of the accessories added.

Our home was completely transformed and the best part was that it reflected our tastes and personalities.

Doing a remodel job is never easy, but there is no substitute for a great designer with a great team behind her. We send you our heartfelt thanks for the great work you and your team have done and we look forward to working with you on the rest of our home." Mark & Laraine

"It has been a pleasure working with Jen and her team over the past two years as our home was transformed into a place of beauty and comfort. Jen's inspiration and guidance helped us achieve new limits in design and decor. The greatest strengths that Jen brings to her projects include:
an ability to envision a room/home in it's entirety

  • then guide her clients towards a shared vision
  • her unwaivering passion for detail & excellence
  • her keen sense of colour, pattern & texture, and
  • the wealth of experience/resources she can provide to ensure the job gets done (painters & artisans, artwork, styling elements, etc.)

We would highly recommend Jen and her team; with Jen you get a wonderful, talented partner who will strive to meet your every need!" Tracey & Peter

"Our new space is providing me with an ideal place to feed my value of connection to others. I have had my mother and 3 friends over for tea in the last 2 weeks. I love sitting in our family/living room, the space is peaceful, pretty and inviting. Jason and I have also spent many hours chatting, sitting on our sofa together. We agonized over investing the money in this project and I can say that the end result was worth the investment. For the first time in almost 5 years I am happy to be in my home and to invite people over and not worry if they are comfortable. Relief!" Sue & Jason

"At the 2009 Interior Design Show, Grand Marnier invited four designers to develop rooms inspired by the iconic Grand Marnier bottle. Collectively, these rooms formed the Red Lounge where visitors could socialize, sample cocktails and vote on their favourite space. It came as no surprise that the most sensational space was designed by Jennifer Brouwer, who emerged as the final winner!

The red room that had others green with envy was entitled 'Senses', as Jennifer envisioned it embodying warmth & luxury; the hallmarks of the Grand Marnier brand.

In the likeness of our own five senses that have form and functionality, textures, colours and scents offered maximum appeal in an elegant, eye-popping fashion." Suzanne Soto-Davies, Editor/Publisher Silver and Gold Magazine