Jennifer Brouwer Design creates exciting interior design journeys
that lead to unforgettable outcomes.

Our design process takes you on an exploration that reaches a far deeper level than outward appearances.

Your home should reflect your values, wants, needs and most importantly…YOU!

To create an environment like that requires an interior design partner that knows how to interpret the essence of who you are and inject it into a living space that flows smoothly in tandem with the natural rhythm of your life.

And also the experienced hands of a team that understands how to achieve that outcome in such a way so that interruptions and inconveniences during the journey are kept to a minimum.

The approach we take and the services we provide allow us to deliver value and eliminate unnecessary expenditures  leaving you with a living space that exceeds your expectations and represents a reflection of your aspirations and lifestyle.

Jennifer Brouwer Design offers complete full service interior design solutions that include design concept, design development, product procurement and implementation. Being involved in every aspect of your interior design project provides you with a flowing continuity and leads to a timeless result that will make you the envy of friends and family.

If you are about to undertake the design of a new home, a major renovation, or an expansion, give us a call at 905-872-JENN (5366).