The most successful visual living experiences
consistently connect the emotional, the spiritual and the material.

Our Process

Our design process takes you through every facet of the interior design decorating process one step at step at a time.

During the initial phase we want to learn about you and the vision you want to create. Call it an exploration. Are you looking for a contemporary look? Transitional ? Traditional? Are you renovating an entire house or focusing on a main floor project involving a kitchen, living room and bathroom? Will existing furniture be integrated into the new scheme? What interior design challenges exist? During this stage, we consider your budget and completion desires. This open interactive conversation will lay the foundation for achieving the living space you want. At this point, we discuss a project retainer and design related fees based on scope of work.

The next step is the discovery phase. Our designers evaluate the information received and the living space we'll be working start developing a concept tailored to your needs. This includes a preliminary design complete with recommendations and suggestions for materials, finishes, furnishings, lighting ideas and space planning. Original ideas and concerns are re-examined to ensure that every element is included. A deposit for goods is required to address the fact that many items must be ordered in advance because of lead times.

Then the implementation phase begins: digital floor plans and renderings are created to help visualize your design, bids for labor are in the works and budgets are reviewed.

This combination of preliminary plans, interior design sketches, decorative details, materials & pricing are presented for your final approval. Your deposits have long secured your labour. Scheduling has been addressed. A start date is confirmed.

It's time for action!

Trade professionals are assembled to discuss details and schedules in order to proceed.

From this point on, your Jennifer Brouwer Design project manager will be monitoring tradespeople, managing expectations and looking ahead to anticipate potential pitfalls.

Follow up on furniture orders and frequent site visits keep your project moving along in a timely, orderly fashion.

At any point during your interior design process, our staff and project management software are at your disposal for a complete update regarding your project's progress.

Over the next few weeks or months, your interior design project will evolve culminating in the final outcome:

An unforgettable moment where you see your dreams realized at the end of a fabulous journey!