Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly does Jennifer Brouwer Design do?

We work with home owners who are building new homes, undertaking full service renovations or remodelling entire floors or rooms. We handle everything from concept to completion. That includes working with you to plan your vision and then bring together all the elements including manpower to make it happen.  

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I’m really interested in having some renovations done. How do we go about establishing a budget?

Yes. After your consultation, you’ll walk away with a pricing grid tool that you and your husband can fill in and use to create your budget. Many people are surprised at the wide range of pricing for things like furniture and fixtures. It all depends whether you want high end or something closer to the middle where your personal taste lies. And there are many other details and minutiae that have to be factored into your budget plan. This handy tool will help you come up with a realistic figure. Regardless of your choice, we take the mystery out of figuring out a budget.

I see you charge a fee for a consultation.
Why is that?

Glad you asked. Here’s how my consultation adds value. From the minute I enter your home, I start looking for ways I can help you avoid many of the common and costly mistakes many people make when undertaking an interior design project. During one of my consultations, you will walk away with ideas and insights that I have spent over 13 years of my life to be in a position to provide. Your investment in a consultation with me will pay for itself many times over. Guaranteed.

There are many Toronto interior designers. What sets Jennifer Brouwer Design apart?

The most successful visual living experiences consistently connect the emotional, the spiritual and the material. With a background in the healthcare industry, lead interior designer Jennifer Brouwer has unique insight into the relationship of people to their environments and the power of design to help shape and enhance  human experience. This philosophy shapes all our interior design and can be found in over 350 interior design renovation projects from Rosedale to Oakville where our sole objective was to give people more of the home they want.