Why -Focus on the bumps in the road?

“To err is human, to forgive, divine”  -Alexander Pope   I’m channeling my inner two year old today …..  Why? When things go wrong why do we only remember the problems that arose and dismiss how the issues were handled and how successfully they were resolved? Today I am feeling a bid defeated, in truth... sad.  I have broad shoulders and can carry most “loads”.  I have been in business a long time, and I have had my share of proverbial bumps in the road, but every … [Read more...]

Fantastic Friday

Clarity From Goal Setting – Mark Murphy. Hard goals.com I can only explain the clarity I feel today, like stepping on a scale and having hit my proverbial goal weight. (I love analogies – not a woman in the world that doesn’t get this one?) Now admittedly I have done this before and as we all know to well its never loosing the weight that’s the biggest part it’s keeping it off that is the largest challenge. As with weight loss, goal setting is not a diet. It’s a lifestyle – … [Read more...]