10 Things To Know and Understand Before Beginning a Renovation

“Assumption is the mother of screw-up.”  - Angelo Rafael Donghia - 10 Things To Know and Understand Before Beginning a Renovation Read below to find out how to choose the right person for the right job and how to negotiate your terms so that everyone is accountable and happy with the end result. #1 KNOW WHAT YOU WANT Before you bring in trades and service providers to see the space to be renovated and assess the scope of work to be done, it is important to have a well thought out, … [Read more...]


“The essence of taste is suitability.”  - Edith Wharton - FLOORING – FROM A-Z Floors are the foundation of every room! We put so many demands on our floors that we have high expectations when it comes to selecting quality products . While strength and durability are essential, floors must be comfortable and safe to walk on and of course they must be esthetically pleasing, Flooring is always a substantial investment so planning and getting it right the first time is a must. Always … [Read more...]


“The works must be conceived with fire in the soul but executed with clinical coolness.”  - Joan Miro - BUILDING A HOME FROM SCRATCH I write this article with a twinge of pain still felt from open wounds. I  spent 14 months planning, designing and then custom building our  home.  I can tell you with complete certainty that Building-From-Scratch is not for the faint of heart! The stress involved in making decisions about your new home 24 hours a day while simultaneously maintaining … [Read more...]

Finding Inspiration

“The details are not the details. They are the design.”  - Charles Eames -   FINDING INSPIRATION… Where can you find inspiration? Begin your search for the perfect pieces by identifying the things you cherish most. Inspiration for decorating your home may come from something you already have: a cherished piece of artwork or some beautiful china. Perhaps a favorite piece of upholstery fabric can reveal your colour palette preferences as well as your taste for either formal or … [Read more...]

Interior Designer Insight – The truth the facts related to timelines!

“Interruptions can be viewed as sources of irritation or opportunities for service, as moments lost or experience gained, as time wasted or horizons widened. They can annoy us or enrich us, get under our skin or give us a shot in the arm, monopolize our minutes or spice our schedules, depending on our attitude towards them.” - William Arthur Ward - Timelines Today life is busy for everyone.  We live in a fast paced, “I want it yesterday” world. Our schedules are packed full of the … [Read more...]

Creating a space that is reflective of you!

“When we are authentic, when we keep our spaces simple, simply beautiful living takes place.”   - Alexandra Stoddard - Creating a space that is reflective of you! I contribute to a monthly column that responds to design dilemmas sent in by readers. Recently, I received a question that I thought deserved a thoughtful and thorough answer. How to know where to best disburse your design funds if your style is undefined? How do you determine your style and incorporate it into the design … [Read more...]

Out with the old in with the new

“I want a house that has got over all its troubles; I don’t want to spend the rest of my life bringing up a young inexperienced house.”  - Jerome K Jerome -   Novelist/Playwright Planning your Renovation Sometimes the idea of “out with the old and in with the new” is simply not the best way to begin, especially as it relates to your house. This can be particularly true if you are fortunate enough to be established in an older home. While the idea of ‘starting fresh’ with a new … [Read more...]

Creating the Kitchen of your dreams

Good kitchen equipment is expensive, but most items last a lifetime and will pay for themselves over and over again. -Delia Smith Creating the Kitchen of Your Dreams! A list of considerations to help get you started. The heart of any home is the kitchen! It’s where families gather and friends are entertained.  It is where we create meals that are masterpieces and sometimes meals that are flops.  Kitchens should reflect who we are and accommodate our busy lifestyles…but few do!  … [Read more...]

Practical benefits of a fabulous design!

“If you spend most of your decorating money on a Chippendale table or a Chinese lacquer screen, don’t fill the gaps with mediocrity. Forget the gaps for a while; just have a simple slipcover in one pretty colour. Then as you can, acquire other good pieces that are compatible in one pretty colour. Let the room grow slowly to maturity.”  - Billy Baldwin Practical – Benefits – of a Fabulous Design I can’t help it.  I’m a practical girl.  I believe that if what you are doing is of … [Read more...]

12 ways a well designed home impacts how you feel and live your life

“If a home doesn’t make sense, nothing does.” -Henrietta Ripperger   Never underestimate the power of good design! Twelve ways a well designed home impacts how you feel and how you live your life. 1.  Being Proud of your space is like vitamin D for the soul. 2.  If you enjoy your surroundings you will entertain more. You will be more social and you’ll have way more fun! 3.  When your home is congruent with your work life and reflects your  success, you hold your head … [Read more...]