“The essence of taste is suitability.”  - Edith Wharton - FLOORING – FROM A-Z Floors are the foundation of every room! We put so many demands on our floors that we have high expectations when it comes to selecting quality products . While strength and durability are essential, floors must be comfortable and safe to walk on and of course they must be esthetically pleasing, Flooring is always a substantial investment so planning and getting it right the first time is a must. Always … [Read more...]

Manic Monday- Budgets; the good, the bad, and the truth!

Budgets– Budgets – Budgets If I had a dollar for every ….. I have no idea?? Here’s 3 words of the most truthful words ever spoken Yes You Do! Sorry, not trying to be cute, or harsh, just providing a bit of tough love. As this is often a topic of absolute mystery? In my thirteen years of experience this common conundrum comes up almost daily – somewhere? A budget is not a game of “Name that Cost”.  It’s an amount or sum of money that you have to execute an area or space … [Read more...]