In the Que – Basement Oasis- In hot demand!

“Design is a plan for arranging elements in such a way as best to accomplish a particular purpose.”— Charles Eames

Happy Monday Everyone!!

This is the first official day of the work week, its end of May and June is just around the corner.. Wow can you believe it’s mid year already – where does the time go?

As always we are working on a few exciting projects..

Today’s Topic is ravishing recreation areas- As of late basements and secondary family spaces have been a hot request.

I believe now more than ever- a sanctuary is needed for people to escape their busy lives and retreat. I hear more , and more often that cottages although fabulous and can be a lovely get away, they can and do add an entire secondary tier of stress and maintenance that comes with having a second home.

My clients are telling me- they are tired of commuting. Exhausted from running the rat race. Therefore they are looking for a solution. A lot of our clients are adding pools, spas, fireplaces outdoors.  All in a an effort to evoke the feel or flavor of a cottage  “yet at home”.

Basements – especially walkouts – are yet another extension of your interior that can be re created to express that coastal vibe we all long for…

Take a look at these few inspiring visuals- evaluate and assess your future. Your families specific requirements, and how you  would prefer to spend your weekends this year?

Love this Rustic charm- and character

Fresh and polished while still being- comfortable

Outdoor space- although still easily translated to the interior

(A recent basement project- we completed for a client with older children to utilize as a secondary living space)

Would you prefer a Cottage or Basement Oasis? Would love to hear your thoughts?

I know my answer as a daily commuter and participant in the rat race, the thought of a cottage is out of the question.

Later in life maybe? But for now.. I’ll continue honing my oasis at home..

Ahh insert deep breath here..

Have a Great day all!!


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  1. Hey Jenn, well since we do not have basements here in Florida, I would have to say a cottage retreat would be a lovely escape; preferably on an island not easily accessible. I can dream ;). these are all great spaces especially the outdoor one. Sometimes you just need to escape the hustle and bustle of being behind your computer all day.