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Prepare to be inspired readers – A wee bit of insider intel as to what transpired behind the beautiful walls of the Le Meurice hotel in Paris, France …. in July!


I’m not sure where to even begin as there is so much fabulousness to talk about. Seriously, I literally have goose bumps at the anticipation of sharing it with all of you. It’s difficult to formulate the experience into the written word as there is just so much greatness that transpired!  As always I shall try my best to encapsulate it for all of you.

Compliment people

My shtick is ‘People’- Relationships -Inspiring others and seeing the best everyone has to offer’. Boy oh boy did I meet and get fully rejuvenated by these tenacious ladies.  I’ll share more about them individually as I know you’re dying to hear more, but for now “focus” is a must or this post will be 10,000 words and I’ll be calling Rizzoli to help publish  (hmmm- thoughts become things right?) hello Rizzoli – Love you- Mwah!!!

A tremendous amount of information has been reeling around in my mind since our amazing three days where we came together to be united for a social media extravaganza, of which one component was an #embraceParis Give – Get session via Strengths Mentor Lisa Ferguson.


I get rather ignited by this topic as I feel so compelled by it – it has been an absolute life changer for me. Not surprised – as I love to help share and nudge others ever so *gently* (insert wink) to share with others what they would otherwise not have the pleasure of knowing – what it is we can each give to others, and the needs we hope to meet in our own lives.

Working in your sweet spot isn’t a chore and this method can be Earth Shattering!

Insert my version of a happy dance here! Why? I believe that having been opened up to the direction of focusing on my strengths, I flourish. As a result I now consciously never work in areas where I won’t thrive. Do I have weaknesses? UMMM yes, quite a few – of course I do. But I choose to work with my strengths, highlighting the good and working with others so that they too can rock their own worlds.  I know a little Rah ! Rah! Self indulgent perhaps? Well, at 40 and with two young daughters, my goal is to teach them as much self love as humanly possible. That means airing the good, and stopping the negative self talk that can often happen on autopilot.

Strengths finder

I thrive on being a positive role model and mirror for the young impressionable little people in my house and believe it to be a contagious energy for all of you amazing ladies (and of course gentlemen too) who have so very much to offer the world.

Here’s the thing – bliss , or work bliss, is available to us all.  I promise the secret sauce is really gaining and understanding your strengths, what you love, how you can define and/or re-adapt your life to accommodate what you do so innately well, for yourself and for others. What is easy for you could be sheer eye bleeding torture to someone else – insert a spreadsheet here and watch my eyes glaze over – seriously this type of work translates to actual physical pain for me. (I kid you not)

Circle - what you love

What makes matters worse is we do not always have the luxury to pick and choose what we would like to do every day – we often muddle through, and I can tell you that anything representative of a chart of numbers or finances will take me days to get through when it may take someone else a few moments.

Here’s the Genius part.  When a group of fabulous women aka #embraceparis girls got together there was immediate evidence that there was so much brilliance and diversity,  a Give/Get posse can be just the key to unloading and sharing tasks that can be a key component to enabling another person’s sweet spot.

The whole ask and you shall receive element rings true. Most people, especially women, are wired to help others. Most enjoy helping too, especially when it’s an easy exchange without drama, in a safe environment without judgement, nor unrealistic expectations. So, here are the nuggets to consider when making this work well for you.

  • What tasks could you do every day (with ease) that bring you joy?
  • What percentage of your current role includes that element or sub tasks?
  • What strengths (talent) or element do you love to do/have that could help someone else so you can perhaps trade off?
  • What gaps do you have? What’s a need that you would love to have filled by someone else?  It can be a paid employee, a friend, or a co-collaborator. But you must define it, and then ask for it, receive with grace and ease .

I witnessed #embraceParis just give life to a new group of Sweet spot empoweresses.

Life is too short

I realize it perhaps seems far-fetched, and if that’s your belief, I wish you could have seen the light in the room as we shared.  It was like jet fuel!! Think firecrackers and sparklers…. well for MOI at least! This type of sharing, exchange and teamwork hits the very essence of my makeup. It’s who I am!! It’s how I work. More importantly it’s how I love to work!

As a designer, I offer full concierge design management from concept to completion. However that’s a luxury not all can afford. It’s an endeavour (with amazing value) to have someone involved from pre construction to completion, in a build or renovation yet it comes with a price tag. At #JBD this is a platinum offering.

For those on a budget, should they be denied all the super results of working with a stellar designer? Or worse, embark on a DIY wild goose chase hoping to get it right? Or could they possibly work with a designer who is happy to create a ‘design only’ option where, as the client, they have the luxury of a full concept design but implement it themselves with the help of a third party construction coach.  This is how I get to have my cake and I get to eat it too (and as my Paris friends witnessed, I have a healthy appetite)! It works magically! I get the lovely ideal design business which makes me purr with delight every time I spread my creative wings and a team of fabulous colleagues that can support clients through the remaining actions so that they can “have it all”.  It’s possible – I swear!!

OK, so now for the skinny. Why action what immediately puts you out of alignment with yourself and your spirit, your love and your passions.  Look at what is easy for you –for example writing is actually super easy for me.  However my non perfection gene doesn’t like to go back to tweak, jzush, and perfect. So I write and often work with an editor. This way I deliver content and my message, then I have someone clean it up for me in the hopes that my best possible “professional voice” is put forward.  It allows me to exchange tasks and move on to accomplishing more creative projects that have me swoon with delight. After all, it is bliss we all seek right? Anyone out there actively seeking misery and discontent? I’m thinking not!

So that you understand me, here are a few hints on what my sweet spot looks like -I love to action items, work with people and find solutions to problems. I enjoy troubleshooting and delegating for implementation. I enjoy relationship building and big picture roles. I do some customer service work for a developer because I get people, and it’s easy for me to have meaningful dialogue.  I love to empower others.  I love to share design concepts and what can be possible.

I sub out as much computer and accounting work as I can. I also work best with a construction crew that has a Project Manager. Although I’m good with people, I prefer a champion role vs boss or person in charge. Just as Management doesn’t fuel my tank, neither does babysitting, nor spoon feeding deliverables, schedules and next steps.

Make soul happy

We as a society have so much to offer but strength as a group has SO much more. We simply need to flush out how we can help each other with ease. The intention is not to give you, nor have you take on a larger job jar. It’s to have you integrate what you can do that is so simple that will take a huge burden off of someone else’s plate.Think of the big picture, grab your posse and see how you can help each other.

Runner crossing finish line

I always offer and give as much as humanly possible. I’ve always been a believer of no score cards in a very organic, best interest at heart manner. Trust me when I tell you, there’s no taking advantage. When you work with like-minded people and establish the boundaries and ground rules and give to others, Karma always returns the favour – either now or later. It’s a feel-good thing and often the gift is in the giving not the receiving.

Help others get ahead

So that all being said… GO out Rock it!! Sign up for Flourish and Kill your sweet spot starting now …

Watch #embraceparis ladies show you how it’s done – walkin’ the walk ….Promise !

Vous n’avez pas à souffrir pour être belle – you don’t have to suffer to be beautiful




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