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…. In a word Nourishing – Quite literally food for my soul

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It’s absolutely amazing to me after having just spent the last eleven days in Paris , sitting on an airplane en route back to Canada, that I am filled with nothing but smiles, sighs and a boatload of Gratitude. I am grateful for sooooooooo many things at this particular junket, but one of my dearest friends the fabulous Lisa Ferguson (StrengthsMentor) who put me forward as a social media speaker – in addition to this collected group from all over the world – is at the top of my list.

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Also to my husband and family for supporting and encouraging me to fuel my spirit and take a break from all of my true obligations for eleven glorious days abroad with a gaggle of females. Living the dream!! Without one ounce of guilt and nothing but to have fun – you deserve it !! Seriously ?! Is he a rockstar or what? Weepy at the gift I have been given.

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I am grateful for each of the women I met, shared, laughed, even cried with – ok I’m the baby in the group (I admit). I was just so independently moved by each of them, their stories, their success, their individuality, their strengths and of course their super duper open mindsight to unite in Paris as strangers and leave as friends forever.


The initial intent of the group was a social media extravaganza with ladies from far away places to unite under one roof. One very Luxurious – Incredible roof a la Le Meurice – to experience the culture and empower each other in an effort to expand the typical boundaries from other parts of the globe. United by a common thread – social media. My lesson was we had so many threads in common we could weave a blanket. Give, get, share, collaborate was the overall essence or theme. I can say without a doubt this was a win-win mindset from all.

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I am both touched and grateful as the hotel (Le Meurice) and accompanying sponsors were beyond hospitable and every effort was made to ensure we had the ease of uniting and the time of our lives in unison. For many this may have been a tall order. But for this curated crowd, the brainchild of Norma Thiessen – MyBeautifulPari (Canada) and Carina Okula –FranceUnframed (France). Each and every detail – considered and methodically planned for almost a year (Yes this is accurate) – a lot of work, blood, sweat and tears goes into developing something this special. From tours, to dining, to workshops, to exercise no corner was left unturned. Thank you. Forever grateful for all of your hard work and efforts rallying to get this necessary channel off the ground.


My plan over the upcoming weeks is to highlight and share each of the amazingness in individual posts of the following amazing women: Mary Kay Bosshart, Andrea Claire, Brooke Crowle, Lisa Ferguson, Ann Garvin, Lynne Knowlton, Carina Okula, Claudia Strasser and Norma Thiessen. Then you can really understand the true tale of this most life changing journey I had the privilege to experience. In Paris, France as well as all of the wonderful women and (sponsors) entrepreneurs behind it.

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Here are just a few snippets from my 11 day journal:

Grateful for my new perspective – on solo travel and vacation as a wife and mom friend.

Grateful for all my cultural wrist slapping’s and the few faux pas I made, so I now can understand and share with you a few no no’s a la Paris … Oopsie.

Grateful for the love and inspiration in my heart.

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Grateful for my new extended posse and thrilled to have more international friends and colleagues to build and allow the network to continue.

Grateful for my voice – I/we can sometimes not give ourselves enough credit for our own fabulousness. These women also helped me see a few things which are a core component of my makeup – which I frequently take advantage of almost daily.

Grateful for Smiling so frequently – MY cheeks ache. Grateful for Laughing so hard, I almost peed my pants a few times.

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Grateful for the most incredible reminder that beauty is so unbelievably individual and simple.

Grateful for the inspiration to resume my blogging voice … as I have been hoarse for some time.

Grateful for the hospitality Paris had to offer – wonderful city – great people – wonderful experience from beginning to end.

Grateful to be re-inspired and invigorated. What an Awesome half year marker. Happy July everyone !


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Cheers to new Opportunities, new friends.

Most importantly new paths on your journey.



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  1. Ohhhhh Miss Jenn,

    You are a shining star. A bright happy star. You are the kind of person that could have fun in a cardboard box. With crayons.

    Love you
    Lynne xx

  2. Carina says:

    Big grateful from me that we met, that you drove us around Paris and never wiped out any bikes, that we hung out for extra time and especially grateful for the big bunch of positive energy you are sweet friend. xx