Sunday Secret – How to clean your baseboards…

Cleaning your house while your kids are still growing up is like shoveling the walk before it stops snowing.
Phyllis Diller

I know, I know, don’t throw things at the screen..

Its not sexy, glamourous or fun. But certainly Fun-ctional- we all have dust bunnies. It drives me wild to see grunge formulating in those little hard to reach spots.

Admittedly Im not down cleaning them weekly so I thought this may be a useful post. To help you in your quest to keep your own dust bunnies at bay!

Im one of those weirdos who does love to clean- when I have a nice sunny day, great mix of music, and no children? So when is that you ask? Well in truth almost never… So I do have some help (Thank goodness for small blessings)

Here’s a step by step system to help you- clean baseboards with ease!!

#1 sweep floors and remove additional debris and dust

#2 Vacuum baseboards with round bristle brush to grab and remove any lingering debris and or visible dust

#3 Use spray bottle with all purpose cleaner – I prefer to use green products-or just a simple vinegar and water mixture. Be-careful not to go spritz wild with your  bottle as drywall does not like moisture.  Spray Just enough to add enough product to targeted area.

#4 wait 30 min – Dance around to your favourite song and throw a batch of brownies in the oven ( WE NEED A TREAT AFTER ALL OF THIS HARD WORK AND EFFORT )

(I would absolutely clean if I get these a RE-Ward!! YUMMY!!)

#5 warm water wipe down- Im inclined to use a sponge, with a bucket as I can remove all of the cleaning agent by dunking back and forth into the warm water.

#6 Take a break – eat your Treat- Crank up the tunes- Allow baseboards to dry. If your inpatient and or in a hurry- feel free to expedite the process by using a hairdryer

#7 Once completely dry- use a bounce sheet and wipe to aid in repelling future possible dust bunnies in sticking

#8 Enjoy the fruits of your labour.. LOVE LOVE LOVE me a clean house!!!

Happy Sunday everyone!! xo

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