Going Rogue

“There is no den in the wide world to hide a rogue. . . / Commit a crime, and the earth is made of glass- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Going Rogue

When I first heard this expression- I immediately chuckled. As I heard the story, I completely fell into a fit of laughter!! ( No I cannot share the story- but you will soon get the idea)

This is officially my new favorite design term, and as always this blog is for sharing understanding and most importantly educating… (Insert –learned lesson here!)

 Going Rogue by my definition- A client /or clients that take matters into their own hands, impulse buy and or make changes on the fly that impact the outcome of the overall design. With out realizing. Leaving us – the pros to scurry and make provisions. “Make it work” or sometimes just overlook the outcome.

Aghhh… Can you imagine. How challenging it is to have a client standing before you all smiles, often jumping up and down to share a special find . Only to see it and think to yourself oh my! Are we using that?

Design clients of the universe please understand, that your concepts are curated through time, experience, questions/answers and yes of course your lifestyle. Nothing excites me more than a bargain shouting, sometimes screaming my name however that being said…

A bargain is not a bargain if the purchase doesn’t work and is sitting somewhere collecting dust.. and or it’s used  ( to your pros dismay) and suddenly becomes the boss and is the Elephant in the room. In essence eliminating all of the work , efforts, and improvements done before it.

Uh oh?! Any light bulbs go off ?Flashbacks? or Nightmares?… Its ok we have all been there. My goal is not to judge- simply to share. So next time you leave the house “You do not go Rogue”

When taking the journey and walking the path with a pro.. The answer is not always filling  the space, it can be waiting it out and finding that perfect something that whispers Perfection!!

After fourteen years in the industry.. I haven’t been stumped yet. Trust in your Designer…. You’ll be glad you did

Have a fabulous day everyone!!

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  1. Fantastic, well said, couldn’t have been better! Thank you Jennifer.