Garden Designs

“Give me odorous at sunrise a garden of beautiful flowers where I can walk undisturbed.” -Walt Whitman

Its a wonderful weekend everyone-

Take some time and be inspired by the wonders of the world. Today my inspiration is grass- plants – flowers and in general a few images of incredible inspirational settings “Gardens”

Although sadly I do not have a green thumb myself, I certainly do have a fond appreciation for those of you who spend hours ,days, even weeks,

Preparing these gorgeous landscapes to share with the universe.

Truly a labor of love !!

Here are a few favorites that caught my eye this fine Saturday morning!!

 Great Job Susan- Im in love with wild flowers!!

 I would happily drink my morning latte here! Who wouldn’t? -LOVELY!!

 This looks like a shot taken from a roof top terrace- Im in love!!

 A weeping willow – AMAZING!!

Now thats a view!! -You city folks do not know what your missing….

 I do believe this very well , may be paradise- BREATH TAKING!!

Hope you enjoyed a walk in the garden….

Have an Amazing Day Everyone!


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