Foyers -How to spruce up your design

“Every exit is an entry somewhere else.”-Tom Stoppard

Making an entrance is all about first impressions. You have a 5 second opportunity to take glimpse of the homeowner’s unique style and taste and flare. A well executed foyer should literally leave you begging to see more. Creating a sense of anticipation with what lies beyond. Entrances are a great place to make add wow. Make a statement -while harmonizing and or setting the tone with the rest of your interior design.

Function is always first. Is this where (you) enter? Do you require a spot for your keys, perhaps the mail?  If you are fortunate enough to have a mud room or functional access via the garage or side door, you can skip the uber functional and or utilitarian needs and focus on making your entryway a dynamic reflection of you. Keep a few elements that are both functional and beautiful. Such as a console table, bowl, or place for a keys. Lamps, accessories perhaps,a unique find. This can add that little bit of Wow!!?

Lighting- A combination of beautiful overhead, accent lighting, as well as task lighting. It is a no brainer. If you follow this blog you will likely already know, lighting is often my number one. In this case it took second place -via function. I have to say, it was a tight race.  It’s imperative to properly light stairs, dark corners, and of course lead the path to welcome guests.

Uniqueness- Im all about Non cookie cutter design – Select a bright paint or wallpaper with texture or an incredible pattern. Show off your personality, have some fun.  Entryways tend to be small and compact. This can be an opportunity to create a little jewel box.  Be creative and daring in your Foyer. Invite your guests in – show them what you’re made of.

Display – So many tricks of the trade to utilize here. If your space is narrow and you want to open it up, bounce some light add a mirror.  Not only will it broaden the room, it will help reflect the light. And add a bit of glam. I love to display unique finds or collections of importance. Perhaps from my travels, maybe a sentimental item important to my family? Something again that is unique to “our” home .If you can add fresh blooms – they smell wonderful, add a life to a space and are a great way to get a splash of color. If your still a little bit afraid of commitment..

That’s ok most are- as always its most important to have try things out and mix things up..

Have fun and create the entrance of your dreams

Have a great day everyone









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