Texture – How does it enhance your design concept?

“The proper and subtle use of texture takes a design from being flat and dead to noticeable and alive”.  – Josh Byers -

Texture – How does it enhance your design concept?

Have you ever seen an object in a store and felt compelled to touch it, to run your fingers along its surface to find out what it “feels” like?  Designers use that impulse to touch and experience the tactile qualities of objects to enhance a room’s appeal. It is referred to as “texture” and is considered to be one of the five basic elements of design.

Texture, simply put, is the surface quality of an object, what it “feels” like. It can be smooth, bumpy, soft, prickly, fuzzy, rough, or itchy, etc. When we see an object with a distinct texture it immediately evokes a variety of emotions by stirring memories of previous tactile experiences. Picture a fluffy bath towel, a cashmere throw or a pair of flannel sheets. Now in contrast, think of a piece of sandpaper, a stucco wall or an army blanket. Both groups produce strong and distinct responses, something designers are hoping to create. Knowing what textures will communicate the most positive emotions helps designers create the most inviting spaces.Jennifer Brouwer Design

Designers also use texture to create visual interest by adding dimension and increasing contrast especially in monochromatic schemes. For example, a cotton sofa with cotton pillows would certainly fall a little flat but add some linen, velvet, silk or even a little satin and suddenly you have a dynamic, exciting focal point.

Design is very much a multi-sensory experience and texture stimulates us both visually and tactilely. Even the most formal and polished rooms benefit from the addition of something tactile that begs to be touched.  Make sure to remember the importance of texture in your design…. it will transform a pretty room into an inviting, beautiful space you’ll want to spend time in.

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