Furniture Design- ala Brouwer and Anvil home

“True happiness comes from the joy of deeds well done, the zest of creating things new.”   – Antoine de Saint Exupery -

I am not sure what it is about getting older but suddenly I am finding new passions and interests. I recently designed a few pieces for the shelter project and I must say the whole experience was exhilarating. I am now officially in love with product design!

JBD and Anvil Original in you guessed it “safety yellow”  (sneak Peek)shh! more to come…

I am certain that in no time it will become yet another addiction. I am not a 20% kind of girl if I become passionate about something I’m all in.  In this case I am sketching everything in sight.  Happily dreaming up new product possibilities every spare minute I get.Not ours but lovely

It appears that furniture design, my new love, is currently my new VICE!  I was in the state of euphoria when “my” newly designed pieces arrived.  The process is so cool, I imagine, I draw, I send for fabrication and my ideas become objects for people to enjoy.  I no longer fear having to fill an “accessory void” Now I make something to suit you, your needs and my craving for creativity.  Stay tuned for JBD line of furnishings and accessories coming soon!

Who Hoo!! Pinch Me!I’m in love again!!

All Images exclusive of Jennifer Brouwer Design visual courtesy of pinterest

Have a fab Day everyone!


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  1. Vitania says:

    Jen, thank you so much for sharing our project together.. You are delightful in every way to work with. Your passion for design, for bringing beautiful things to life, and your endless pool of energy are a combination that make me truly excited about the creative possibilities..

    Can’t wait to catch up! X/O ..Vie

  2. Jo Alcorn says:

    OMG Love the table that you did with Anvil, stunning!! Also love that wall paper!! Please share where is that from?