12 ways a well designed home impacts how you feel and live your life

“If a home doesn’t make sense, nothing does.” -Henrietta Ripperger


Never underestimate the power of good design!

Twelve ways a well designed home impacts how you feel and how you live your life.

1.  Being Proud of your space is like vitamin D for the soul.

2.  If you enjoy your surroundings you will entertain more. You will be more social and you’ll have way more fun!

3.  When your home is congruent with your work life and reflects your  success, you hold your head higher and have better self-esteem.

4.  When your home is up to date and stylish you feel current and hip …”in the know”. That adds a little swagger to your step. OMG! Can someone please tell me where to find this DVF dress?

5.  Living in a fabulous space can increase your sense of happiness. Many clients have described living in their new space as euphoric. (what an amazing compliment)

6.  When a space is designed well with careful attention to organization and functionality, your time management improves. This leads to a more balanced, productive and peaceful life.

Now that’s balance!

7.  A thoughtfully planned layout will improve traffic flow throughout the space. Each area has its own independent function and that means no more bumping into one another!

8.  When frequently used items are easily accessible, when everything has its place, your day runs smoothly. There is less stress and there are no more scavenger hunts on the way out the door.

9.  When everything has its place, it is easier to keep your space tidy.

10. A well designed space gives you more time to love your life.You will no longer waste precious time trying to solve a problem with a temporary fix.

11. Beauty makes you smile. Being in a beautiful space just feels good!

12. One well designed space makes you yearn for more! Good design is like a “rash” …. Soon the rest of the house will need to be treated too!

I hope this was helpful!

See you tomorrow for some back to school preparation!

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  1. Stacy Naquin says:

    I swear we were twins in a past life…I went searching high and low for this very dress! After not finding it…I bought notecards instead! hahaaaa

  2. Keydrick says:

    I see, I spuopse that would have to be the case.