Jennifer Brouwer Interior Design - Dining Room

Why Choose Us

Traditional interior designers focus on lavish structural elements and architectural detail. We not only create stunning interior design and décor but help you avoid wasting valuable dollars on things like using 7-inch baseboards when a 5-inch height will save you $10K . Our "big picture" interior thinking is applied to every aspect of your project.

Jennifer Brouwer Interior Design - Foyer

Our Clients Speak

After 13 years in the industry, our team of interior design professionals have created over 350 new build or renovation interior design projects from Rosedale to Oakville. Many of our clients have become friends and have brought us back for additional projects as their needs change through the years. They are happy to tell you what you can expect from us.

Jennifer Brouwer Interior Design - Kitchen

Who We Work With

We work with home owners who are building new homes, making full service renovations or remodelling entire floors or rooms. Our “all in” interior design services include handling everything from concept to planning to implementation to finished project. We work with you to plan your living space vision and create an environment that meets your needs.